Research Prizes

Peter A. Bos
PhD dissertation:
To Survive and Protect. Testosterone and the Neuroendocrinology of Human Social Behaviour.

Supervisors: Prof. dr J. van Honk, Prof. dr N.F. Ramsey
Co-supervisor: dr E.J. Hermans
Nomination: Faculty of Social Sciences, Utrecht University

Report of the Selection Committee
In his dissertation, Peter Bos demonstrates how testosterone influences human social behavior. His research focuses on the interface between psychology and biology. The articles in his dissertation have been published in renowned academic journals, and have drawn considerable international attention among development psychologists, neuro-endocrinologists and brain scientists. Through his work Peter Bos has demonstrated to be a versatile researcher, and the selection committee considers his dissertation an impressive scientific achievement.

During his first year study of applied psychology Peter Bos became acquainted with the discipline of biological psychology and decided to study that. During his university study psychology in Utrecht, which he concluded in 2007, he specialised in the neuro-biology of behaviour and emotion, and discovered the fascinating research area of the social neuro-sciences. In 2008 he started his PhD project, supervised by prof. dr Jack van Honk, researching the effects of testosterone on social and emotional behaviour in humans, and the underlying neural mechanisms. Having worked for two years as a post-doc at the same institute, he is presently Assistant Professor in Utrecht, working on various projects in which the influence of hormones on social behaviour is charted. His main interest is in the role of early life events on the brains and the sensitivity to hormones.